Formating Maths formulas - superscript and others

Hi All,
Was wondering if we have a good way to create superscripts in elements? I am building an app that will include Maths formulas and would prefer to have exponents as superscripts rather than flat text, any workaround? I suspect images may do but that probably will slow me down further.


Use the Rich Text Editor feature to access super/subscript icons:


So, you can see that you can just use BB code notation to make superscripts, etc.

Something[sup]this is a superscript[/sup]

Thanks @keith for the swift reply.
This will surely solve the problem.

For reference, I’ll be loading a lot of these to the database and pull in the app via a text element,
I guess to make it work I’ll have to pre-code with squared brackets [sup] before loading into the APP.

Trying this tonight, I’ll feedback later.

Just tested, worked like magic, thanks again

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If you get into needing more interesting formulae, search this forum for mathjax

Awesome @mishav,
Will test it now as well