Formatting a Percentage

How can I format a percentage to be human readable?

The input formatted as a percent saves 5 as .05 in the database, which makes sense. However, there is no way to format the percent on the front end. Because I think its more visually appealing to display five percent as “5%”, I am trying to either multiply the dynamic value by 100 or :format as a percentage, but neither of these are options. Oddly, formatting the value only gives URL encoding and US Phone as options.

Any suggestions?

The field needs to be a number. You can then put the % after it.

Oddly, if the field is a number in the db, then you can’t format the input as a percent.

Not sure what you mean here.

Number on db. Input as percentage. Output formatted as above.

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I am autohiding my input, which only gives the possibilities of integer and decimal. Remove autobinding and all the other content formats appear.

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Sounds like a bug ? Haven’t used autobinding yet, so not sure.

@emmanuel, did you guys fix this autobinding issue? If I’m not mistaken, I thought I noticed a fix shortly after your “like”. Now it seems the problem still persists.


I’m not sure what you’re talking about. If you think it’s a bug please file a report.

Hi Nigel!

I’m trying to make a workflow to calculate a value based on a percentage. Like this:

Order total price*10% = Tip

I’m trying to make a change of a thing, on a workflow tab, but I’m unable to put the % symbol after the expression. I tried formating the 10 as a percentage, but it keeps asking for an expression after

Thanks in advance for your help @NigelG and you guys!

You don’t need to put the % in there.

Just do it as a number.

Hi @NigelG

Thanks for your reply, as I needed to calculate the number based in 10% I just multiplied the value by 0.1

That worked just fine.