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Formula Challenge!

Lets say you have 3 INPUT fields and 1 OUTPUT fields in one single Bubble webpage.
How do you calculate this dynamically in the OUTPUT field when 1 input changes ?

OUTPUT = 3.2 x INPUT1^3 + INPUT2 / ((INPUT3)^0.5+1)

Question :
1- What is the methodology to do it in Bubble?
2- How can you program this calculation to be resolved every hour ?


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Basically, this could be done with a workflow.

You can test this out here:

My methodology was a multi-step workflow. I had multiple variables for the different parts of the formula. i.e.:

A = Input A
A^3 = Input A * Input A * Input A

In each part of the workflow, a separate part of the formula is solved. This is to allow for order of operations.

Another workflow could be setup to resolve the formula every hour, if desired.

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We are looking forward developing a simplified and more user friendly version of for mobiles.

We may want to use your expertise, even if clearly the Bubble learning curve is soft.

Let me know what you think, and please come up with any question you may have.