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⚒ Free Chrome Extension for Bubble - built by Zeroqode

Hey Bubblers, excited to announce a new product that we at Zeroqode have built - Chrome Extension for Bubble

This Chrome Extension for Bubble will make you more efficient working in Bubble editor. It allows you to do a few things:

  1. configure shortcuts for various actions of the Bubble editor, like switching between tabs, or calling different alignment actions etc. My favorite one is Deploy as it really saves 3 clicks!
  2. select elements in Bubble editor and then save that selection in this extension in order to call it again with one click at any time again.
  3. Also it allows you to select text which is currently not selectable in Bubble editor - for example the redirect URL in the API connector, or “COPY FROM DEVELOPMENT TO LIVE” etc. so you can copy/paste these texts instead of retyping them

You can get the extension here:

Please give us some feedback so we know whether these kind of products are useful and whether we should continue improving them (for example adding import website feature which would recreate any existing web page in the bubble editor)

Important Disclaimer - this is not an official extension and is not made by Bubble. Zeroqode does not guarantee uninterrupted functioning of this extension in case Bubble makes any changes to the functionality of their editor`

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode


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Nice extension! I see a lot of potential for something like this.

Maybe add a search option in the editor selection.

Thanks, @JonL appreciate it
we’ll consider the search option

This is a great idea but I can’t get any of the shortcuts to work. I’m using Chrome for Mac.

+1 for the import website feature :slight_smile:

hmm… i’m also using chrome for mac and everything works.
did you switch the shortcuts on as shown on the screenshot below?

HI Levon,

I had the same issue until I figured out that I had to check that switch. I saw it from the beginning but having the texts Clear all and Restore defaults next to it didn’t provide assurance :slight_smile:

From an UX perspective I would change that because it seems that if I switch I’m going to clear all and restore defaults, not turning on the extension :slight_smile:

I would move both text links elsewhere and add a label to the switch similar to iOS. Also probably use green color for On and grey for Off.

Enable extension - Switch
Text link - Text Link


I think if we just make it ON by default would be sufficient, right? :slight_smile:

Easier for sure, but it could conflict with other extensions that make use of shortcuts giving the user the only option to uninstall if they want to use the other extension at any given point :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh sorry, I didn’t read well. By default. Meaning you can still turn off.
It still doesn’t look good from UX perspective. But it will get the job done :slight_smile:

the shortcuts of this extension are applied only when a tab with Bubble editor is open, otherwise they are inactive even when the switch is ON. So i believe there shouldn’t be any conflict.
We’ll do the easier way first and then after collecting more feedback might move the other links and buttons around as you suggested, thanks! :slight_smile:

Aha! Yes, they work perfectly now!

I didn’t flip that switch because I also thought it had something to do with the text links beside it so I would agree with @JonL on that point.

Overall, it seems to be a quite useful plugin at least on its face though I keep forgetting the shortcuts exist. I think as I get used to using the shortcuts it will become a big timesaver.

Thanks a lot Eli! :slight_smile:

@levon, is there any way to require the key to be pressed just a bit longer to activate the shortcuts? I’ve been running into the situation where I’m typing and accidentally activate responsive mode, etc. I’ve changed up a couple shortcuts to use less common letter combinations and that has helped but not eliminated the issue.

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if we make it longer other users will complain that it doesn’t work or is not convenient. Just use more complex shortcuts like alt + something or shift + something and clear those that you don’t use.


When is the import website feature being rolled out?

It was very useful until it started going haywire on me and I had turn it off.

For shortcuts while using Chrome OS it started ignoring the first part of a two part button combination and starts adding groups within groups within groups. For example, with the shortcut setup to group elements as (CTRL + G), typing just the “G” will trigger it to start adding groups within groups.

Thanks for making it @levon and I wish I could get it to work properly!

unfortunately we didn’t see much demand in this feature so we didn’t pursue building it yet

thanks for the feedback, we’ll try to improve it over time

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How much would sponsorship cost?

unfortunately right now we are focused on some other things so even with sponsorship this wouldn’t be a priority at the moment. Sorry about that

Will there be a Safari version? Chrome on my Mac kinda doesn’t work properly and having this would be handy. Thanks!

i bet it’s like creating the whole thing again from scratch. And does safari even have extensions? :slight_smile: