[FREE "ESSENTIAL" PLUGIN] - Herofy - Heroicons & Iconify Icons Library

Hello friends. Another plugin release for you. Free this time!

Herofy - Heroicons & Iconify Icons


Uses ICONIFY ICONS and HEROICONS library. Fully responsive. Completely updated. No errors in your console (which is primarily why I made this).

Forked from Heroicons, and completely rewrote Iconify Icons. The idea is simple, no more clutter. And I wanted the Hero Icons with just one single element, and the Iconify Icons with just one single element. No other clutter like “spinning”, “scale”, or separate elements for a size of icon/type.

My “improvements/changes”:

  • Previews are more intuitive
  • Removed uneccessary properties like spin, scale, etc.
  • Added dynamic placeholders for when you are working with dynamic names (shows @ symbol on Heroicons automatically, or if you set “dummy” to true on Iconify.
  • Transition effects work.
  • Two elements for two libraries.
  • Iconify completely rewritten.
  • Heroicons cleaned up and reworked some of the code.
  • Updated libraries to latest versions.

Two simple elements:

  • [GC] Hero Icon
  • [GC] Iconify Icon

Both fully dynamic if needed.
Supports hover and transition delay (not on animated icons) and clicked events.

For those of you who used the “clickable” property
That feature is gone. Just wrap the icon in a group and use that. I may add this feature again, but I’d rather make it where I also wrap on on top of the icon so the actual icon doesn’t block the whole “icon box” when you try to click it.


Thanks for the plugin, I’ve found that it works better than the other iconify plugins as it:

  • Shows the icon in the designer
  • Doesn’t have a lag effect when the element is set to be hidden from visible

One issue I have found however is that I am unable to get a condition to change the icon colour to work. I am able to create the condition, but it does not apply, for example setting the icon colour to change on hover.

Thank you!

You mean the effect that I am using on the demo?

Here’s a screenshot from my app where I have a condition to change the Icon Colour when it is hovered, however this is not working and when I hover over the icon, it remains the default colour.


I’m not sure if the issue is with your browser?


this works on my demo page.


Works fine for HeroIcons, but not for Iconfiy Icons

Hello friends! I have fixed the preview for the Iconify Icons and the color transition for them as well.

Conditional colors with the option set don’t work. is it only me?

The same configuration works for the other iconify plugins, but they have a bug where the 1st item of the list doesn’t show on a repeating group.

On the image below: left is this plugin, right is the iconify plugin

Screenshot 2023-12-07 174317

Any idea ?

Can you replicate the issue on a test app so I can see more in-depth?