FREE for two weeks: Introducing Blog Labs, a template to help you build a Medium clone

Hey everyone! I’m thrilled to share my latest Bubble template, Blog Labs.With this template we want to help Bubblers creating blogging platforms like

We decided to release it absolutely FREE for the next two weeks for the holidays.

:fire: What is Blog Labs?

Blog Labs is a Bubble template designed for aspiring digital publishers, writers, and content creators. With Blog Labs, you can effortlessly build and launch a full-featured blogging platform, mirroring the sleek and intuitive experience of

:globe_with_meridians: Features That Set Blog Labs Apart:

  1. Publications: Create and manage a variety of publications, each with its unique flair.
  2. Author Profiles: Every writer gets a personalized profile, showcasing their work and expertise.
  3. Articles: Design and publish compelling articles that captivate your audience.
  4. Admin Dashboard: A powerful admin panel that puts you in control of content and user management.
  5. User Dashboard: A user-friendly interface for your audience to interact with your platform.

:bulb: Why Blog Labs?

Maybe because it’s a free template? Well, not only that, Blog Labs is more than just a template; it’s a launchpad for your ideas. Whether you’re an individual blogger, a startup exploring content marketing, or a community looking to share stories, Blog Labs offers a hassle-free, coding-free solution to bring your vision to life.

If you like the idea of using this template, either now or for a future project, you can get it from the Bubble marketplace, it’s free until January 10, 2024.

Here’s the link: Blog Labs Template | Bubble