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I have been doing this by setting a state when the picker is shown, which I then use to change the border colour with a condition. This works great in 3.18, and seems to also work in V1 of the latest version, but does not work in V2

You can see this here Xig-test-4 | Bubble Editor

I’m also requesting that you add this as a capability of the plugin - it should be very easy to have a different border colour when active, rather than having to jump through hoops to do it

Hello, @SJL
Thanks for the provided link.

As was noted earlier, there is no possibility to make it dynamically. However, we will discuss with our team whether is it possible to improve this feature.
Currently, you can use a workaround, proposed in our latest message.

As we can see, the border color us changed on click, so we presume that it’s working (even if it v2 element).

In case we missed something, please let us know.
Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

V2: Inital values not respected?

I upgraded to v2 and am having some issues. The main one is that the initial values are not respected when saving to the database. I am using a pop-up to display task data. The date range is already set in the database. It shows up fine in date picker v2:
When I modify the database though, it submits a blank value and continues to show as above. When I close the popup and open it again for the same data, it still shows, but the dates are not in the database. If I select them again using datepicker v2, then they appear in the database again.

So, what is happening is that the display of the dates in Date Picker is always correct, but the values are only saving to the database when they are re-selected in Date Picker v2. If they are not re-selected in DataPicker v2, they are saved as null.

Any ideas?

Hello @TekaTeki,
Thanks for reaching out!

We would like to ask you to share with us the details of your plugin setup (screenshots, video recordings) and the expected result so that we can replicate your use case and provide proper feedback on this.

The detailed visualization of the issue you have will help us understand what can cause it. :pray:

For the screencast recording, we can suggest using the Loom tool.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

okay, thanks for this… yes, I guess I first want to see if this is a common issue or just my issue but now that we are having a discussion:

The issue occurs when I save the task. The save workflow modifies the thing: like this:

When I load the task in a popup, the correct task is the source of the data as we can see in the title at the popup task correctly referring to the portfolio review task.
Note that the dates are also correct and the same as the dates for that Task thing as in a repeating group on the main page.

So everything looks good. Then I go to save the task without modifying any data. This triggers the workflow and the task is modified. The dates in the popup for that task remain the same as the image above. Seems good… but…

The task thing has lost its dates, now set to null, as if the initial dates were not used at all.

i open the popup again and the dates show as undefined.

So i go to selecte the dates again
click save and my dates are back.

What this seems like to me is that Bubble is not using the initial dates, although they are visible to the user. It is as if when it loads a Task thin, and shows the initial dates, they are not available to set to the thing’s data.

I hope this helps to see the issue.


Hi @TekaTeki,
Thank you for providing access. :pray:

I’ve carefully investigated your app and here is the result:

First of all, the problem was that the selected dates were empty while we were editing the task. As you said the initial dates appear to be correct but the dates are deleted from the database because we didn’t select “new” dates when we try to edit/save them. Thus, when we save the task without any changes, we don’t see any date since it’s empty in the database.

I’ve added a new event as an example and the dates are displayed correctly. Here:

Also here is a short video for a better understanding: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

In this case, you need to change the logic I’m afraid. I would like to suggest you create separate events to save task (create a new task and make changes to the task) and add this condition (Screenshot by Lightshot) to save the task with previously selected dates if no changes have been made.

Hope it helps!

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team

Hey @ZeroqodeSupport,

Thanks for continuing to support this free plugin, it’s the best.

I’m having a bug at the moment with auto-binding. I’m using single dates only. When the single date is selected in the date picker dropdown, the value appears for a second in the Airpicker input, and then disappears and is replaced by the placeholder.

It seems the date is saved in the database, but the field remains clear and only has the placeholder. If I reload the page, the date saved in the database is displayed in the field, but if I try to change it, the same bug reproduces and clears the input.

I haven’t set initial content or changed any other values from the default Airpicker settings. Just enabled autobinding. The privacy rules are correctly configured for autobinding.

Hello again, @richardosborne14.

We tried to recreate your use case on our test page and indeed the plugin element is “flashing” after its value was changed. But it happens for a part of the second and the picked date is displayed on the plugin element right after.

That flashing thing may happen because after you change the plugin value by picking a date, the Auto-binding workflow is triggered. And then the plugin pushes a new value to the plugin element to replace the placeholder. Please take a look:

If there is not something you mean, please provide a short video record to explain us your case. Thanks!

Zeroqode Support Team

Okay, thanks… I guess I had incorrectly understood that initial dates would be treated the same as selected dates for the purposes of saving to the database.

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Hey! I’m using the picker as a range and I noticed that when I have the default view set to years the days show in Russian not English when using the picker.

There’s a bug with the time picker in my app.

Vintti | Bubble Editor

Reset floating group doesn’t work with airdev time picker - Need help / Plugins - Bubble Forum.

Please take a look. Reset floating group doesn’t work neither clear dates. It just went crazy.

If I click in a RG element, everything is displayed OK, but then if I click on + Course or any other RG element, dates are the same. Also, sometimes dates just disappear even though the RG element has a date inside.

Crazy. Anyone can take a look and help me? I’m lost. I’ve tried everything

Hello guys,

Very happy to find this post. I have an important question:

How to block a calendar and give a host a grace period to prepare a home?

Made a video to explain it: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Hello, @msamandadianne!
Please accept our sincere apologies for the late reply :pray:

Unfortunately, the reported issue is not reproducing on our side. Can you please make sure you are using the correct settings and the latest plugin version?

Please feel free to get back to us if you need any help.
Zeroqode Support Team

Hello, @santiagopoli3!
Thanks for reaching out.

If you are using our Air Date/Time picker plugin, please make sure you are using the active plugin element (AirDate/TimePickerv2). Also, let us know if you are on the latest plugin version.

Unfortunately, the mentioned issue is not reproducing on our side. We have tried this setup:

Feel free to share your setup screenshots in DM with the detailed description of your use case if you need any help. We will be happy to assist. :slightly_smiling_face:

Zeroqode Support Team

Hello, @itisthebr.
Thanks for reaching out.

To block a specific period of time (days or hours) you can use the simple picker functionality (by picking some days for blocking) and create an additional field in your database, which will be in charge for the grace period. This blocked grace period can be displayed on the plugin element (calendar) the same way as ordinary blocked dates, here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line. :slightly_smiling_face:
Zeroqode Support Team

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Hello Zeroqode Support Team,

Thanks for answering!

Not sure if you watched the video I shared: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

I am looking to give each “host” to block specific days in advance (one host would block 0 days, another host 7 days block days in advance). Basically a custom solution for each host to block however many days in advance.

Would you be able to please share a link so I can have a look at what you did and replicate your results? Thank you very much.

I’ve got a UX issue with the v2 date/time picker:

With the old (deprecated) date/time picker, when using a range, if you had a range selected, you could still re-open the date/time picker and select a new range without having to clear the initial range.

With the v2 date/time picker, it doesn’t allow selecting a new range if one is already selected unless you click the “clear” button.

If you could make it so selecting a new range when one is already selected (without having to click “clear”) on the v2 element, that would be fantastic.

I’ve also noticed that the padding is getting doubled only when the v2 date/time picker is empty. Once a range/date is selected, the padding is correct, but when it’s empty, there’s extra padding.

Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 1.18.53 PM
Screen Shot 2023-01-13 at 1.19.08 PM
Notice the difference in horizontal padding with V2 when a date/range is not selected yet vs. when one has been selected. The horizontal padding on both of these elements is set to 12, with no conditions changing padding (or anything else).

Also, as of writing this, I’m using the most recent version of the plugin.

If you could help with these 2 issues, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Also, just to note, I love the new “range as a list” state. :slight_smile:

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Hello, @itisthebr.

Sure thing your video was watched carefully. As we understand, you want to let each host of your app an ability to block/unblock some dates/hours in their listings to prevent clients from booking a listing on those days.

While we are not providing custom development solutions or consulting, the only thing we can help is a general info and pointing the plugin functionalities/fields you might use to achieve your goal.
Thus, to prevent mixing up the blocked dates for the actual rent dates, we recommend you create an additional field in your database for the grace period. To block dates for that grace period you might need to use a separate plugin element (for picking dates/time) + ability to unblock that grace period. For unblocking we can recommend using the “delete thing” action, since the only way to keep the grace period dates is to record them into the database - cancelling those dates will be possible by removing them from the database. How to implement it from the design side - it is up to you, since the plugin itself is not providing such functionality.

Hope it helps.
Zeroqode Support Team

Hello, @samnichols :slightly_smiling_face:

Please confirm that we understood you right: so you mean you want to be able pick different range after one was already selected and the plugin element (calendar) was minimized (conditions: auto close: on; show buttons: on) and that currently it is not possible with the new plugin element?

We tested this case both with buttons shown on the plugin element and hidden. In both cases after you picked the range and minimized the plugin element, you can re-pick a range again:

Unfortunately, this we were not able to reproduce on our side as well. Could you please send us via DM some screencast with a short explanation how we can reproduce this case for the further investigation?


Just to make sure, please check if you have these fields empty when you see the extra padding on the plugin Placeholder:

We will be happy to assist, but we need your assistance first in consulting on how we can reproduce your issues on our end. :pray:
Zeroqode Support Team

Hello @ZeroqodeSupport,

Thank you for your feedback. What I wanted to do is actually allow each Host to decide how much days forward they want to block from their calendar, for example:

Mike wants to block 2 days in advance, allowing him at least 2 days to prepare his home, that way no guest can book today and tomorrow on his calendar, only day after onwards.

While Alex wants to block an entire week in advance, so guests must book 7 days or more from today’s date.

With the help of the Bubble Support, I figured that under the Air Date/Time Picker’s “Minimum date” input, I can add the following:

The only issue, that blocks the calendar for all hosts, so to fix that, in the Database under “Users” I Created a new field called “Grace” and gave it a field type of “Number”.

Finally in the Minimum date input, I changed it to the following:

Screen Shot 2023-01-18 at 12.40.55 PM

It says “Current Page User” because this Air Date/Time picker is inside the Host’s page. Now each host can decide that grace period, if it is 1 day or 7 days or whatever days they want to block in advance, allowing the host the time to prepare in advance before every guest.

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