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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker

Hey @qaz.wscuther,
I just tried it in a reusable element and it works perfectly at my end.
Not sure what you may be doing wrong.
See my demo below which i just did.

Choice is power

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Thanks for the answer. But maybe i explained myself bad, srry 4 my english :stuck_out_tongue:.

I can put the plugin into a reusable element (in this case the reusable element is a popup). But when i go to the preview, the plugin inside the reusable element (popup) doesn’t show the date picker :open_mouth:

edit: i tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin but still nothing

Hey @qaz.wscuther,
I figured what was going on. So you have the picker inside a reusable element and the reusable element is inside a popup.
I tried to recreate this and i realized that the picker actually shows up but it is hidden behind the popup.
As you can see in the screencast below the picker is hiding behind so when i increased the z-index of the containing div it moved up on top.
I’ve fixed it and have pushed a new update. Once the update is live, update the plugin and it should work.

Thanks for catching this.

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Thanks!!! :clap: :clap: :tada: :tada:

You’re welcome. Update your plugin and let me know if it works now.

done! :ok_hand:

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Hey @qaz.wscuther,
from your screencast it looks like your application is in Spanish.
Note that you can set the language for the datepicker to Spanish too to make the picker look consistent with your app.


:crown: awesome plugin… @seanhoots
you know to play the right note… great work man… this is kinda thing will may bubble great… customization to the fullest…

for the time option - what if you added a dropdown or marker on the slider… a newbie would be wondering at first go…

and i guess it be more refined…

Kudos great work @seanhoots

Thanks for your reply man.

Yeah, the use of case is that our users must enter a lot of dates to creates expenses and if they work just the keyboard that makes it faster.

yeah option is power. that’s my philosophy in life :smiley:

I don’t get what you mean? can you please explain more. thanks

i see what you mean. in that case won’t the standard input (date type) work for you since you know your users will be using keyboard to type. the input doesn’t work well on mobile devices though.

but this is something i’m looking into implementing, though it may have to be a pro feature.


Thanks a lot man.

This is a fantastic plugin! I see you said you’ll be adding the ability to “block some days”. This would be perfect for an app I’m building. Is there an estimated timeframe for this update?


hey @dbevan,
Yes i have added an ability to block both dynamic dates and days in addition to the current static blocked days.
It’s actually done just testing it to make sure everything is good. if the testing goes well should be pushed out in about an hours time from now.
See below


Fantastic! Cheers,


Hey guys, i’ve just released version 2.0 of Air Date/Time picker which now includes support for blocking dates or days dynamically in addition to blocking days statically.
I’ve also added the ability to start the week from any day.
Also calling Picker’s value list when a date range is set will return all dates between the range.
Please refer to the top post for details of the new update.

@dbevan, @pnodseth let me know if this meets your needs.

Happy bubbling. :smiley:


Just did a small test. F***ing fantastic! Seriously great work!

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Can’t wait to test it, great work!

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@seanhoots Fabulous work! :slight_smile:

@seanhoots - would it be possible for the plugin to receive a separate value for day, month, and year as the Initial Value input? What do you think?