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Free SVG format background resource

Hey Bubblers!

As many of you know, SVG style images are much cleaner and scale better when used in Bubble apps, as opposed to their JPG/PNG counterparts.

Just want to share a free resource that I found that allows you to pick from a pattern, customize colors, and spits out a SVG format high-quality background.

Once you get to the page, click the icon on the top right to get started.

Enjoy! Happy Bubbling!


I was looking for something like this yesterday but couldn’t find anything. Thank you!!

(So cool :slight_smile: )

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Nice! That looks awesome!

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Nice one! thanks alot for sharing!

Thanks for bumping this thread @ava! Missed this, and now I can’t stop thinking of ways to implement it.

Here’s a favorite resource to turn images into svg, sharing in case there is interest:

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