Free Visual and API Widgets for you to use in your app

Hey Bubblers,

We revamped our Bubble Widgets site, which enables Bubblers to copy and paste our Bubble visual widgets (features like a shopping cart, countdown timer, browser-like tab groups…) and integrate with our API plugins for free.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to request any widgets! Here’s the link to the Product Hunt launch for the site, where your feedback would be greatly appreciated: Product Hunt Launch of Bubble Widgets by AirDev

AirDev - Custom Software for Everyone


Hey Alex,

I like the re-design. A quick feedback, The on load screen looks great, but after an initial scroll, the colors in the navigation bar at the top are not updated correctly.

See below.


Paritosh, thanks so much for the feedback - we’ll take a look and update!

AirDev - Custom Software for Everyone

Hi Alex, first of all I love the website!

But can you take another look at the shopping cart widget you provide? Because I would love to use it but when you follow the steps (instructions/video) you get a lot of errors and you can’t resolve all of them.

Hope you can take a look.