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Freelance bubbler to work with designer

I’m looking for a bubble freelancer to help me get my sketch designs off the ground.
I’ve found that I have no problem with the front-end of bubble but that the database and dynamic text logic is just not where my headspace is at.

I’m open to various different ways of collaborating, my current thought is that i build all the elements and styles in bubble and then you can help with all the “backend” and dymanic parts.

The app is a desktop HR tool.

Message me at [email protected] or below if you are interested.

Tjena Marek,

Are you a designed yourself or did you just start off with some sketch UI templates that you used for building a UI?

Curious as I`m looking for resources and collaborators.
Please feel free to tell me a little about what you work on nowadays and your competencies.

Merry Christmas, and looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Tjena Gurun
Hur läget?

I have a product idea and have done a bit of the UI design in bubble (just fighting with the responsive layouts at the moment).
I’m looking for a bubble programmer to connect-the-dot between the UI and the bubble data system.

Is that something you can do?