Freelance help to build Bubble Web App for MVP

Hi Everyone
I am looking for a freelancer to help me build a Bubble Web App over the next few weeks.

I have approximately 7 tabs within the platform, some that need to interconnect with each other. These include:
Profile (set filters, answer baseline questions)
Connect Data (upload CSV files etc APIs at some point)
Recommendations (list of actions uploaded by Admin Dashboard that user can filter, accept or park)
Track Progress (Project Tracker by action, pulled in from Recommendations tab or created by user. Allocated to team members, data can be uploaded, deadline, status functionality)
Reporting (Pull data from track progress, export to branded template or file that can be used to create a branded templte)
Library - directory filtered by categories with search bar
Settings - payment gateway etc

There is are a range of templates that I have identified that would work for a single tab. Need help project managing, customising and syncing all together into seamless workflows. I do not have the time or enough of the skillset to execute this in the timeframe required. Any suggestions or offers of help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Hi Victoria,

I’d be happy to help out. Please check more about us on my website. Feel free to reach out with a more clarifying document of what you will need.

We can also schedule a meeting.


No-Code Venture

Thanks Mido - please send me your email and I will contact you. A call would be great,

Thanks again!

Sorry this is definitely not a scam but a genuine request - I am interested in discussing further and getting genuine assistance on my Bubble project. I am not sure how to privately message - if you are able to advise me on this that would be great.

Im new here so maybe I dont understand the etiquette on the platform just yet - any advice would be welcomed! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @victoria

I read your post in its release. I didn’t feel a scam. More details about your project is the key in order to attract the interest of the best Bubble advisors :slight_smile:

Also, as we all know, you can almost do everything yourself if you take the necessary measures, saving thousands of dollars (highly recommanded).

Welcome to the world of Bubble :slight_smile:


Thanks so much John :slight_smile: Great tips, really appreciated

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