Freelance opportunity :)

Hey! I have a few bubble apps that I am building and I am looking for someone that I’d ideally be working with on a recurring monthly basis for these projects. I am looking for help as I’m pretty stretched with work and other life commitments.

Skills wanted:

  • Backend workflow expertise (payment processing, webhooks, error capuring), and 3rd party integrations using Bubble’s API connector)
  • I purchased a template from and want to have it customized
  • Some that can design/improve performance-optimized data structure for web apps
    *Optimize existing apps for performance
    *Tweak / optimize apps for scalability
  • Integrating based apps with third-party services and APIs

Nice to haves:

  • Experience turning bubble apps into mobile apps

The projects:
I’ll put minimal info here, if you’re interested, it’s easier to walk you through both of these over Zoom.

Project 1:

A investment marketplace like Republic/Seedrs ( focused on African tech startups. Investors have digital wallets and they can invest, lend and send their money.

What we’ll build/ add

  • A withdrawal function/API where investors can withdraw money from their wallets into their mobile accounts
  • Integrate a third party payment/remittance company to allow users to send money abroad
  • A comment section to allow users/investors to engage with founders and investment pages
  • Open to collaboration of other tools and improvements

You are a fit if:

  • you like solving problems and are open to a lean methodology
  • you are willing to make suggestions to make either project better (design wise, UI/UX or features)

You are not a fit if:

  • you want a 7,000 spec document outlining exactly what needs to be built at which point you’ll blindly fulfill the order.
  • you are an agency (I am not at all interested in working with a sales, bus dev and pm that inflate project costs exponentially)
  • you are already overworked and over-committed on other projects

Feel free to PM me here if you’d like to chat more!


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Hello @adjea005.306

This is something which suits my experience, I would like to help you with your projects.

Let’s discuss in detail in PM.


This projects fits like just like a glove to me.

Hey @AlexanderS just sent you a message!

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