Freelance platform "Freework" - New PRO template from Anocado

Hey Bubblers,

our team has developed a template which helps to build marketplaces for freelancers for web and mobile devices.

Freework is a no-code template. Employers can search for freelancers or publish jobs on Freework, a sophisticated no-code freelance template, and freelancers can apply for them.

Page of the template: Freelance platform “Freework” | Bubble
Demo page: Freework app

Main features:

  • Landing page
  • User dashboard
  • Payment system
  • Search systems (one for employees another for freelancers)
  • Review system
  • Admin dashboard
  • Messaging system
  • Full responsiveness with new Bubble Responsive Engine

The platform provides functionality for 3 types of users:

  • Freelancer
  • Employers
  • Platform admin

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Below is the description of customer journeys available for 3 types of users:


  • Detailed job posting (incl. budgeting and scoping)
  • Search to find the best freelancers (incl. advanced filtering)
  • Possibility to add freelancers to the job
  • Project reporting (incl. project tracking)
  • Favorite lists to save talent.
  • Chat to communicate with hired or interested freelancers.
  • Checkout to pay freelancers for the work completed.
  • Review system to rate and give feedback to freelancers.


  • Detailed and intuitive onboarding
  • Outstanding public profile (incl. bio, portfolio, skills, experience, etc.)
  • Job search (incl. advanced filtering)
  • Job application
  • Job management and tracking
  • Chat to contact employers
  • Review system to rate and give feedback to employers.


  • KPI dashboard
  • History of transactions on platform
  • User history and management (incl. banning)
  • Overview of jobs posted on the platform
  • Dynamic commission settings

Best regards,
Avocado Team


Hello I just purchased this Template. please can anyone explain in details how the payment is being done on the platform? is there any esco system on the platform or money goes directly to the frelancers?

It looks like you can specify the platform commission from an admin panel.

Hi. Thank you for your question. At the moment it functions in the following manner:

  • The Admin sets the commission in the admin panel.
  • There is a fully functional Stripe checkout that allows the customers to pay freelancers for the work completed.
  • Once paid, the admin gets the money from the customer, takes its commission and then pays out the money to the freelancer in its own way.

Alternatively, you can customize the template after the purchase and set up a “Stripe connect” there if you want that this transaction happens automatically.