Freelancer available

Hello bubblers,

We are a team of 5 people across 3 different countries, working on a startup of our own; looking to moonlight to bootstrapp the marketing efforts for our app.

Happy to support you with your Bubble projects. We charge $20/hr.

  • we can help with quick fixes
  • with a complete MVP
  • with landing pages
  • etc.

If you also need help with designing your bubble app, we also provide design services at $60/hr (for UX/UI/Graphic designing)

Please contact me

@freelance_helper Do you have a website or portfolio?

Hi everyone,

We are now booked with a month long project. Thanks for the response. So only available for quick fixes until mid-march.


Please contact me. I’m having trouble setting up my my API with sendgrid. its probably something really simple but I can’t figure it out.



Sure thing. Can you give me access to your app as well as tell me which sendgrid api call you are trying to integrate.


hellow u guys able to help me out for fixing things?

Hey, how are you guys?

I would like to know how much you charge to make a web app like this?

Did you forget the link?

Please contact me at, I’ve got a project I would like your help on.

Hello, please hit me up at to discuss helping me finish my app. Thank you.

Hi there, I need some help setting up API on my site,

Best wishes

I would be glad to assist you.
Just sent you an email.
Appreciate your response.

Hi I need help setting up google api. can you help?

Please check PM

Are you guys still doing Bubble Freelancing? :smiley:

Hi Kelvin; I need a simple mobile app that my employees can log into and submit their work hours for the week. The data we need to get for each user is:

1: First Name
2: Last Name
4: Category: Driver, Floor Mechanic,Project Admin,Office
5: Hourly Rate

The user interface should have these fields:

time in
time out
regular hrs
ot hours
dt hours
lunch: y/n
Job: Drop-down list which we update

The week starts on Thursday and ends on Wednesday
They should hit ENTER the data appears and then they SUBMIT

The employees need to register their first name, last name only. I assign the other info myself.

On my end I need to be able to create reports that will calculate total hrs, gross wages ( (reg hrs *rate) + (ot hrs rate1.5) + (dt hrs rate1.5)

Let me know if you can do this. It is time sensitive so I would appreciate a quick response. Thanks! Joe