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Freelancer Wanted for B2B Marketplace Build


I’m looking for support in building a B2B marketplace. I’ve learnt the basics of Bubble (including e.g. linking up Stripe/Shippo APIs) and have a framework for the app in place. However, I would like someone to help build a fully functioning marketplace who understands Bubble best practices (e.g. security, built to scale, etc.) and who can deliver this fairly quickly (reduce the time to build vs. doing it myself).


  • Fluent English
  • Immediate start (i.e. within a few days) and able to focus on project for quick completion (not juggling various projects)
  • Previous experience of completed marketplace projects (or similar relevant projects) including linking in e.g. payment APIs, shipping tracking APIs
  • Understanding of best practices in building to scale (avoiding latency from higher number of users / data) & user/payment details security


  • Freelancer
  • Experienced in UI/UX


  • Would envisage having a checkpoint every 3-5 pages to start (to stay aligned / avoid iteration)
  • Open to discussing how to provide exactly what I’m looking for, but could e.g. write up a description of what I’d like each page to show/do
  • I’m happy to build certain items / divide & conquer (fairly confident I know enough to build the full app) so we can discuss how to best spend your time

Please PM me with the following:

  • Short intro, and short reason why you think you might be the right fit (e.g. skillsets/experience)
  • Your forum handle
  • Estimate of pricing (total project cost and/or hourly with estimated number of hours)
  • Samples of prior relevant projects
  • How to contact you
  • How you prefer to be paid
  • Ideally, testimonials & samples of UI/UX design

To help with assessing time requirements, pricing and interest level, I’ve typed up a rough scope below.

Rough scope

  • Typical index showing e.g. recently listed, categories
  • Supplier onboarding workflow (collecting e.g. details required for payment, details for their seller homepage)
  • Supplier side - account dashboard, list a product (including photos w/ photo editing plugin to make easy to get photos correct size, also upload specification documents) + preview/edit product listing before posting, listings summary, orders summary, reviews summary, create discount codes for a buyer, edit seller’s homepage details, edit profile, view/edit payment methods, payments summary, disputes summary / action needed
  • Buyer side - orders summary (with invoice/receipt PDFs using e.g. PDF Conjurer or similar), watchlist, view/edit payments/invoices/addresses options, recently viewed summary, edit profile, reviews summary (complete incomplete reviews), request cancellation, request change of address for an order, dispute resolution workflow
  • Order funnel - add to cart, cart page (incl. apply discount code; also quantity change which takes into account any quantity based pricing discounts), confirm details/checkout page, with associated workflows to create orders/payments/invoices/receipts (with external party friendly unique order ID creation), pre-loaded (by supplier) customs forms send to buyer for eCompletion with an eSignature plugin
  • Product detail page including: ask supplier question, add to watchlist, reviews
  • Communications center - messaging between buyers/sellers/admin with ability to send photos & docs, notifications in header (open to repurposing a medium-to-high feature comms portal from elsewhere if easier than building as imagine there may be freely available examples)
  • Admin portal - orders summary, payments summary (including triggering payments to suppliers where buyer payment will be held in account until product arrives/dispute settled; also trigger refunds to buyers too), toggle buyer/seller take rate (see below), review/approve reviews before their go live, account controls (pause / take down accounts), edit listings
  • Buyers & sellers based in US, Europe, and UK (relevant for addresses/payment)
  • Shipping status tracking of orders through e.g. Shippo API; after an order relevant Supplier selects which items are shipping together and adds tracking number (with buyer notification)
  • Pricing options: list price (incl. shipping shown separately by quantity), supplier can apply a (displayed to buyer) discount from list price, supplier can create thresholds for quantity based discounts
  • User can toggle between preferred currency (USD, EUR, GBP) and see pricing & pay in their local currency
  • Price Negotiation - offer option for sellers to say price is negotiated on product detail page, then buyer clicks button on product detail page to start a comms center chat to agree price, seller then can create a cart item for buyer who can “accept” or “reject” to add to their cart
  • Accounts with multiple users (i.e. multiple users can be added to an account)
  • Payment: (1) pay by credit card (e.g. Stripe) with receipt, (2) pay with auto generated invoice & 30 day terms, (3) if relevant supplier/API known, offer BNPL with 30 day net terms with payment paid to marketplace immediately
  • Marketplace take rate applied to both seller list price (i.e. buyer sees single list price calculated as “sellers list price + X% take rate”) then also take rate (fee) applied to buyer in cart (e.g. % addition on cart value which is visible to buyer as a fee); these take rates can be toggled by admin for individual suppliers/buyers in the admin portal
  • Reviews with entries/checkboxes for; delivered on time, right products delivered, product quality, comment box, star rating.
  • I think auto generated emails (using e.g. Mailchimp) for certain actions will be left out of initial scope (but open to discussing if makes sense to do all together)

Wonderful @TM-123 Great that you are learning and executing the basics of bubble. Sound promising! Check this out

I would suggest that you also pay attention to the SEO Setup of the site which will do wonders for you and your clients. For that feel free to PM. All the best :+1:

Additional Information on

Take Care. Regards.

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Hi @TM-123 , if you are still looking for bubble Freelancer, hit me up here.

I have recently built a Marketplace Startup (reward marketplace) on bubble, which you can find here:

Together with that, you can check my Linkedin here:

Best regards

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