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We’re a dutch startup, based in the center of Rotterdam. We’re Bubble enthusiasts. But we would like someone to help us out on the advanced Bubble items like API connector and Javascript integration.
Our startup is creating a new way to easily share contact data and with the coming of the new EU law (GDPR), we will include ‘consent management’. The catch is, we are unable to see the contact data shared, because we believe that is for the user and organisation only (the active parties).
In order to speed up the process and start development on validated experiments, we use Bubble as prototyping tool/
If you’re interested and availabe, send me a dm or mail to .


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Hi Niek,

I can assist you with the same.

PM & Email Sent.

Warm Regards,
Norman F.

Hi @niek.theunissen,

Just PM’d you.
Please, check your inbox.


Parghev Kocharyan
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Hi Niek,
I would be able to help you out on this…
I have sent you an email…
Best Wishes,