Friend code to add a friend

How would I add a feature for users to add other users as friends by putting in a “Friend Code”?

I kind of want it to work like this:
When a user signs up, a random code (friend code) gets assigned to them, to add that user as a friend, you would need their friend code.

I don’t know if its possible to make this kind of feature but hopefully, you guys can help me!

Hi there, @luisalfredo051609… what you described is definitely possible, and it could start with something as simple as using the Calculate formula operator to generate a random code during the sign up process. So, something like this…

There would be more to it, of course, depending on how worried you are about duplicate codes being generated and what it means to add a user as a friend. But again, it’s definitely doable, and I hope this reply helps you get started.


I should be able to handle the rest from here!

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