Full-time position as Bubble developer in Dubai

A major company based in Dubai, is looking for a full-time Bubble developer to continue development and manage their portfolio of Bubble applications.


  • Minimum one year of Bubble development experience
  • A minimum of two projects as a reference (with a description of your role and responsibilities in the project)
  • You must be willing to spend some time going over your skills and experience as well as a regular employment interview process. You may be asked to do case work.
  • Preferably based in Dubai: remote work may be considered for the right candidate
  • Experience working with eCommerce platforms and JavaScript development is a plus, but not a requirement

The employer is one of the leading companies in the region within its sector with several hundred employees. You will have a key role in pushing the company’s investment into no-code both in terms of public-facing sites and administrative processes that help the company run efficiently and smoothly.

Training and introduction to the current ecosystem will be given over multiple handover sessions.

Feel free to ask general questions in this thread, or PM for more information about the position.

Update: Please note we’re looking for an individual in a permanent position, not an agency, company or freelancer.

Update 2: This is not a job for an agency, but for a company that runs internal software built on Bubble.


Hi @petter is this position still available? :slight_smile:

Hi @deejay.shani,

Yes, I believe they’re still recruiting for this. I’ve sent you a PM with some more information.

Hey petter, I have been using bubble for more than 2 years now and have built several projects on it, some of my recent projects have been convert into native android and ios app, without and plugins , i would be interested in the job, please let me know

Hi my name is Chibuzor I want to know if the position is still available