Generate a liste of month over multiple year

I would like to generate a list of months spanning from 01/2022 to 12/2030 for example. I tried different plugin but they only span for days and on only have the option to get months of one year. Is there any other way than simply manually creating a database ?

Thanks in advance

Would you like this to be text? or Date?
If you wanna create list of things do it through Backend Workflows.

I don’t want to create them in a database, just to put every month between a year range in a repeating group

Use this Plugin:
Set it up like this:
Set repeating groups like this:


If you can explain your use case, aybe I can help you out better.


Intervals are only in day not months and months hava variable days


Change the number of days.
In the plugin mentioned above.

Is it the availability of a user you are trying to achieve?

If I put 30 day january appear twice. if I put 31 day fabruary doesn’t appear.

No just a simple planner

I got it now:
Try this forum,

Just copy and paste the element, and then change the design as your preference

It seems very complicated and I only want to generate months could you guide me through the javascript expression ?