Generate incremental ticket number

Hi there,

I want to create an incremental ticket number field for every new thing that is created in my database.
It has to be sequential, starting from the first event number that can be set.
Something like 20170001 and the next thing it will create in my database EVENTS then will be 20170002, next 20170003 and so on. I made a field for it called EVENT_NR.

I think I will have to do something like this:
Search for EVENT last item’s EVENT_NR (to get the last value of the EVENT_NR field that was used before)

And then add 1 and make a new thing in EVENT with the newly generated EVENT_NR.
Anyone done this already and can give me a hint…

Thanks in advance,



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Thanks @NigelG,
but where do I find the Create New Increment in my workflow builder?

It was just a new thing called “Increment”. In your case, create a New Event.

You mean create a custom event?
I’ve never done that…

Hey @Polar,

@NigelG’s example above shows the ‘Increment’ Thing which is from his own Bubble project. In your case, you would visit Workflows > Data (Things) > Create a new thing and set the Thing type to be ‘EVENT’. :+1:

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Sorry, yes I already had an Event table.


Thanks guys,@NigelG and @copilot

I really appreciate your efforts. Problem solved.

It works!!!



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