Generate Populating MS Word/ PDF Templates from DB or list table

I need help ideas for this project:
I need to generate a document (Word or PDF file) which has fields that should be fills from selected cell of DB list in Bubble, like a automatic generator document (like this

Thanks for your help.

I use the select pdf plugin by bubble in an app I created that allows users to create custom “photo books” so to speak.

Basically, a user selects a layout that they want, then they select a product name which pulls a product photo onto the web page and then gives the user a gallery of installation photos to select and add to the “photo document”

The user enters the name of the person they are giving the document to.

Once they are finished with their selection they hit a generate pdf document and Select PDF populates the pdf format of the web page, its photos the user selected, and the name they entered placed on the right hand corner of the end result.

Its a great plugin and has worked for me.

Im not sure what you are looking to do exactly but the setup for the plugin is straight forward.

  • Add a button to a repeating group cell for example that will kick off the generate pdf process
  • Create a page to pass data to. Select PDF plugin will use this page to generate the document
  • Pass the Repeating group’s Cell data to that web page through the “Generate PDF from a web page” action once you have the plugin

Things to keep in mind, there is a free version but it will spit out an overly at the bottom of your generated document

Paid version starts at something like $19/month and allows you to do something like 2000 conversions a month.

Hope this helps

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I looking for a solution to the same problem. Did you find a way?