Generate random string only text type

Error goes away when I assign it to a text type.

This is a not a random number generator, but a random string. So it’s a text. You can’t use it as a number.

You can run it through an Input Field though to convert it to a number, then in the workflow get the number from that Input Field.

I hide away the Input Field so someone can’t see it, but use it for conversion between data types.


Thank you.

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I believe this the best workaround I have seen in bubble so far: Text -> Number
I am using it, it is not 100% accurate, it has a rate of about I would say 75%
But it is something you can work with.

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I am sorry guys, it works perfectly, I had a little problem in my Workflow, but now it is perfect.

This is quite late, but you may want to check if the number has been used before so you don’t accidentally create a duplicate, if you haven’t already implemented this.