📋 Generate Reports: Create a csv file in backend, send via email

Hello honorable fellow bubblers!

I can’t seem to find a way to create a CSV file in the backend. I’ve not found a plugin that does this. Has anyone done a “generate a report” style app where the report is emailed to you later?

Since I’m dealing with very large data sets, I’ve yet to find a reliable / fast / user-friendly way to export a CSV file for my customers. So doing this from the backend would be much friendlier and reliable.


I’m not aware of a plugin that allows a server side / backend way to create a csv. However, here’s one idea that I’ve contemplated server side report generation (csv / PDF reports). Use an old computer as a server and create an admin user that can generate your customer reports. Once the report is generated via browser on your server, attached it to your customer.

This might not be the best solution, but it could be a work around until there is a plugin available that allows server side creation.

This plugin will allow you to create the CSV and have it saved to your db or take that URL generated and send it via an email.



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