Geographic distance in more than one location and filter by closest to a location

Hello, I’m trying to filter a list of stores closest to a geolocation, in stores there is a field of type number to identify a distance radius that it meets, but I didn’t find a way to filter in the repeater group by this field comparing with the distance Geolocation of a place

Database fields

Store repeater group

I managed to get the distances between the stores and the customer’s location, but I don’t know how to use this information to filter in the repeater group


Who can help me I appreciate it!

When choosing a data source for a repeating group, if you select a field that is a “geographic address” type, it will add another input field to choose distance from. There you can add Current Geographic Location.

If your ‘Address’ data field is type geographic address you can used the ‘Sort by’ in the ‘Search for’ . Example as followed:

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by the distance order I can filter, but I need only the stores to be visible where the “km by distance” field of the number type is greater than the distance from the store, I managed to make this filter in the current cell group visible, but there is a gap between the list, I need this same result in the repeater group list