Get cell index of repeating group to change on a list of jobs

Hi all.

Does anyone know how to get the cell index or the row psition number from a repeating group to be able to then update that position within the database?

Ive been able to display the cell index number within each row of the RG but so far unable to save that cell index to the parent group. I need the item’s cell index to be stored within the database

This might be useful:

@georgecollier Thanks for this, I dont know if this is the correct thing for my use case?

I don’t need the cell index of a particular item.

The Rg by rows default goes 1,2,3,4,5 and so on. I just need that number of each row to be in the database. Seems such a simple thing, yet i cant do it

like this. I’ve got an array of waypoint from mapbox api, it has retrieved them, im trying to get them to match to the correct item in the row. if theres a different way to do this other than cell index id be happy to trying it a different way? i dont mind what way to do it, i just need to get it done