Get data from url - can't see the wood for the trees today

Can someone kindly point out where on earth I’m going wrong please…

Trying to retrieve a unique id of a ‘thing’ after ‘success=’ in the url

But nothing is showing up:

Sorry if I’m missing the obvious and thanks in advance.

The success ID seems to be from stripe or other processor but you’re searching for a bubble unique ID. I may be wrong but that’s what I suspect.

Also /success=(ID) from your URL seems to be a path not a parameter which would be displayed as /page?success=(ID)

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Hi there, @LA81638… assuming that id is a unique id of a thing in your Bubble database, then first, I think you can remove :each item's unique id from the expression and replace it with :first item. Second, since it never hurts to ask about privacy rules, do you have any rules in place on the Payment Breakdown data type that could be getting in the way?

And yup, what Chris said about the path, too.


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Thanks guys. The long number after success= is the unique id of a database item that I’m having displayed once returned from a successful stripe payment, there also isn’t any ? in the urls, so should I stick with parameters rather than paths?

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 18.03.18

I made the change to remove each item’s unique id. The popup’s type of content is a ‘payment breakdown’ the same type of content that the unique id in the parameter is.

I’ve added the text element at the bottom of the popup to check that it’s working, but it still isn’t bringing in the things unique id for some reason…

Also, checked privacy settings and tried with privacy turned off too, but no luck

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If your url doesn’t have ? then you’re not using query parameters…

So either get rid of the = and just use the path, or add ? to use parameters.


That’s the ticket, thanks so much!

You’ll never know how grateful us noobs are for your expertise and kind offers to help

Screenshot 2023-03-29 at 18.23.00


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