"get data from url" + "ignore empty constraints" not working on all url parameters

In the filter constraints below. The top filter will ignore empty constraints.
The bottom one will not. Even when used alone.


Some differences:
Top one is an option set
Bottom one is a data type

Top has URL parameters set by clicking a button
Bottom has URL parameters set by changing a dropdown

Top value is on the repeating groups data type.
Bottom value has one more layer of separation.

The top one works with or without a parameter in the URL.
The bottom only works when there is a parameter in the URL.

I’m aware that I can go around this by creating a condition for when that url parameter is not there, creating a new filter for that condition. Is there a more elegant solution? One that will allow the “ignore empty constraints” to work?

You can use a conditional to check if that parameter is not empty. If not empty then your data source can be the one with these constraints.

Thanks, I am aware of this solution but it creates another issue. I was hoping there is another way.

Ignore empty constraints doesn’t work on advanced filters…

So just add ‘or get data from url is empty’ to the constraint, which will do the same thing.