Get data of linkedin Users, such as connections

Hello everyone
I have successfully fetched the data of linkedin for current Users of my app via api connector
But i am not able to get his/her Connections that he/she has over the linkedin
Can anyone help me for this
Thanks in advance
Need help

@davinder.brisklogic you can check linkedin api and from there to a get call to fetch persons data.

Hey @Clasicwebtools thanks for your reply
I have fetched almost all the data of Users
but the main thing that i want to do that i want to fetch the linkedin connections of a particular Users
I am not getting in the API, that how i an do ths

@karamwise that isn’t possible in legal way. You should usecoding or a some app to.

In python it can be done with selenium library, not beautiful soup as it is a SSR.

Hope it helps!

So i cannot do it with Bubble