Get image dimensions (API Connector)

I’m trying to get the dimensions of an image using the API Connector (I’m aware of the plugin but don’t want to add another one to the pile). My setup initialized properly but I get the following runtime error:

Here’s my setup:

Any suggestions?

You’re sending too many https://in your structure.

Try this:

Thanks, @lantzgould. That was actually the first thing I tried and once I took the second https out, the call wouldn’t initialize.

Try deleting the call, refresh the editor, add it back. Sometimes it gets wonky. But using what I suggested above works for me.

Yeah, still can’t get it to work. I do think you put me on the right path though. I’ll file a bug repot.

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Is the image you’re using uploaded in bubble? Not sure if it would work if not if it wasn’t.

Here it is:

If you put the https:// in your test image does it go through?

Yes that cleared up the initialization error, but the runtime error now becomes this:


Yeah I filed the bug report. Hopefully support will get to the bottom of it. Kinda surprised this isn’t built-in by now. Anyway, I greatly appreciate your help, @lantzgould!

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FWIW, the 500 error is for Imgix internal server error. Maybe this just isn’t something you can do. Why do you care about some image’s dimensions, anyway?





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Show ‘em how it’s done, @lantzgould ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for the insight, @keith! My use case requires that uploaded images meet specific dimensions for a printing API I’m using.

This is above and beyond, @lantzgould! I found the culprit: I was using a file uploader and not a picture uploader. I’m now feeling woefully inadequate… :neutral_face:

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Lolz. Glad you got it sorted and shout out to that beautiful b…… @lantzgould. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@keith You can call me nighthawk from now on… :wink:

(step brothers movie reference) lol

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You’re killing me. :+1::+1: