Getting A Number Range

How do I put in a number range in the database? For example, how to put in something like $1-100. Instead of doing $1.00, $1.01, $1.02, etc. It can’t be the numeric range because that is a slider. I need to figure out how to but a range of numbers into a database without going through the hassle of putting every single possible number.

You can use the Toolbox :toolbox: plugin. Then it allows you to make a list. Then just save the whole list to your database. That should work.

Does that make sense? Check out the plugin and let me know if you have any questions.


Hope that helps! :blush:

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Do I need to know JavaScript? I still have yet to learn it.

Okay, I see the numbers. Let me see if I can do currency.

Nope, no JavaScript required. :+1: You should be able to do that since currency are just numbers. You format it as currency when you display it as text. Hope that helps! :blush:

Numeric ranges (similar to date ranges) can be constructed with the expression builder in fields of numeric range type.

The general form of a numeric range is like this:

some_number <- range -> some_other_number

This seems quite straightforward. However, fields of numeric range type do not allow you to construct the range via numeric literals.

(“Whatever do you mean?” you are asking.)

Well, in a field of numeric range type, you can’t do this:

1 <- range -> 10

We can all understand that this would create a numeric range bounded by 1 and 10.

However, we cannot enter the literal values 1 and 10. That is, we cannot type them in.

We must instead use some variable, such as an output from some plugin, an expression that resolves to a number, or a custom state that holds a number instead.

The assumption that Bubble makes here is that numeric ranges are only ever created by the slider widget. But of course this isn’t true. We can create whatever numeric ranges we desire, but we can’t create them with literals.

Easy enough. Just get your min and max values from a variable and range those.


Thanks for the reply but I’m still confuse creating a number with it. I found a tutorial from Gabby using Toolbox it doesn’t seem to help with creating what I need. The lack of tutorials are frustrating.

This is what I’m doing so far. I set the start number to 1. Length to 10,000 and Increments to 5. Now this is where I’m frustrated at as I have no idea what this means. Right now all I’m trying to do is set a currency and the base so the backer rewards match up with the price reducing the number of awards available. In order to do this I need to place the minimum to maximum units in the database.

So by starting at one we are starting at 1 but as for the length does that mean it goes up to 10,000 page or the number 10,000? I have no idea for the use of increments.

Hey @kthperkins,

So I set up a small example for you using the ToolBox.

Check out the editor:


Hope that helps a bit! :blush:

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Thank you so much! I’ll check it out tomorrow!

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No problem. :blush: