Getting a repeating's cell dropdown selection

I’ve been going at this for a while and I’m still trying to make it work, here’s what I have:

  • Repeating Group taking information from an API response
  • Each cell has its own dropdown menu with options that get their default state from the API response
  • Dropdown options are more than the available from the API response
    (API returns true/false, dropdown has 4 options, (true, false, plus 2 extra ones))

This is what I want:

  • To be able to extract that dropdown menu selection from the repeating group

This is what has been stopping me:

  • Once I choose the repeating group, it will give me options to get information from the API’s structure, but not from any other element inside the cell itself
  • I’ve tried getting the info into a database, hoping a list type would suffice, but this just stores the initial API response

This is what the app is trying to accomplish:

  • To have a hub that parses the information from the API, the user then verifies everything is in order, fixes what needs to be fixed by interacting with each field and then generates an output with the fixed values, there’s more than one item on the response that gets delivered as a list, and I’m using the repeating groups for this, I could change this to be each individual object a separate thing, but this would greatly defeat the repeating group’s purpose.

Please let me know if theres more info that needs to be shared, thank you!

Create a database field of type text in the same table as RG type and set this Dropdown to Autobind that field. This will update the value in the database whenever you change dropdown value.

I don’t know if I understood how would this work or your explanation, I’m still new to using the database side of Bubble, not sure what autobinding would do but its telling me “The parent element and the page have no type of content or it is not modifiable. Click here to edit it.” and that just takes me to the Repeating Group’s configuration, I used to have a single data type with the list of API response but switched to having it as individual entries, idk if it could be that

If you enable Autobinding on some input element, it’ll ask you to tag that input element to a database field of parent groups type. Whenever you change that input value, it’ll automatically be saved into the database.
Let’s say you have Students table with Roll number, name and DOB fields. In a group of type student, you have 3 input fields Roll number, name and DOB. If you enable Autobinding on Roll number, you tag it to the “Roll number” DB field using the dropdown which you’ll get after checking on Enable Autobind checkbox. Now whenever you change Input roll number value, it’ll be auto-saved in the DB.

Yeah but the parent’s type is part of the API response, the dropdown is an added element that parses a true/false response and adds 2 extra options

What the API returns:

  • A list of JS Objects with name (text) and skilled (true/false)

What the bubbleio page allows the user to do

  • Go through each element returned from that list and modify the skilled part into no, partial, yes, expert

The structure is different altogether so I’m gonna guess thats why I’m not seeing where to tag the dropdown in the first place, I’m not really understanding much out of these explanations, it all seems convoluted and confusing.

I could just not handle it as a list of objects and do it all by hand, but I’d rather not