Getting app version in custom plugin

I’m building a custom plugin and I need to specify a dynamic url based on whether the app is live or in vtest.

I am trying to get this information in my initialize function. I know I could call window.location.href; and then parse the url that way but I’m hoping for an easier option.

If this was the update function, I could create a field where the plugin gets passed the app version but I don’t have access to that in the initialize function.

Is there a better way than window.location.href?

You would think that bubble would give you access to a bunch of non plugin specific, static states like app version, website home url, etc?


While it would be nice if there were information about version_live vs version_test on the context object, there is not. So if you want to differentiate just write a little function for that. Alternatively, add a field for website home url and instruct the user to put that expression there in that field. (Though of course this will lead to dummies doing dumb things. So better to just write a lil extra code.)

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I would put the Rick Roll URL

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This is why Bubblers can’t have nice things, @tylerboodman.

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That’s what I thought. Thanks keith

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