Getting "Current Page Height" and Other Dynamic Dimensions

Hey Bubble Community,

I know you can get the “Current Page Width.” And this might be a really easy answer, but is there a way to get the "Current Page Height’?

I have repeating groups displaying dynamic data that changes the height of the page and it would help to know the height of the page once its displayed.

Furthermore, is there way to acquire the dimensions, both height and width, of the current elements, specifically groups, that change as you resize the screen for responsiveness.

I’m looking to use some of these numbers in a workflow.

Thanks everyone! Please let me know if I can provide you with any more information!


Hola, encontraste solución a tu problema? es que me encuentro en la misma situación

Guys there’s apparently no solution to such a simple problem. I’m quitting bubble. I’ve been finding a working solution for this for the past two months. quite a waste of my time.

You could use a tiny piece of code in one of the JavaScript plugins

// Size of HTML document (same as pageHeight/pageWidth in screenshot).

The CSS Tools plugin returns the current page height

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