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Getting Google Analytics Reports to surface to users

Hi Bubble forum,

I need some help picking an optimal solution for surfacing data to my users (the way the data is pulled as opposed to visualised).

As context, my app is setup so a user uploads an audio track, which can then be played by their users in turn (from a URL specific to their track). I can see how many views there are on each audio track by simply leveraging the URL of that page in a Google Analytics report. I can see it within my own Google Analytics dashboard so know it exists and works for my use case.

I want to surface this data back to the user in an analytics dashboard for them to track the performance of their tracks.

Scoped a few options, but would be good to hear your opinions on what the best way to do it to optimise for speed and balancing with cost. Ideally I don’t want to impact the speed of my wider Bubble app, want the data dashboard to be able to fetch/refresh quickly (rather than user waiting for an awkward amount of time) and want to keep the cost under £20/month. These are the potential solutions I’ve scoped below:

  1. Use Blockspring to connect directly to Google Analytics API in order to pull the data through. I can set up a dynamic call and the cost is fairly minimal (Blockspring is ~£23/month). However, a few downsides relate to what I can do with the data within Bubble. If I’m pulling a simple “x # page views per x days” then it seems ok, but ideally I want to be aggregating and grouping data based on different dimensions (i.e users by device type) etc. Also, it looks like Blockspring is now unsupported (haven’t received a reply to any of my emails and looks like other users have been complaining about the same on the Blockspring forum for a while now).

  2. Use Integromat to pull the relevant data out of GA and into a google sheet, and Integromat to then drop this data into its own data table directly in Bubble. Pro’s to this is once the data is in Bubble it appears to be retrieved a lot quicker on my app and its a solution I understand quite well (Integromat looks v easy and is well supported) and so I can flex this solution easily to account for future changes. Integromat is also fairly cheap for my use - I doubt I’ll be needing more than >10,000 entries per month (~£9/month). Downside to this is that I’ll also be storing a tonne of data in my Bubble database, so (this is where I’ll need your experience/knowledge) I’m nervous it’ll slow down my whole app, result in slow performance, or push me into the next Bubble pricing band. However that said, it will literally just be text entries so it would need to be a big data set to push through their limit (I’m currently only sat on 55mb being used with a fair chunk of entries).

  3. Use Integromat to pull the relevant data out of GA and into a google sheet, then use a service like Sheetsu to connect my Bubble app to the google sheet to read the data. This has the benefit of being flexible and keeps the data out of Bubble so removes my concern over the Bubble performance/pricing issues. But brings in its own cost issues as Sheetsu is around £30/month (+£9/month on Integromat). Ideally I wanted to keep my costs down to £20/month or lower for this feature.

I recognise a 4th one too:

  1. Connect directly using the Bubble API Connector to Google Analytics. Aware this will be a free solution but I don’t mind spending the £20/month if the solution I’m using is super intuitive and easy to flex, which I think going this route will ramp up the complexity.

Any help and insight would be much appreciated! I can see some existing topics from 2018 back around this but haven’t seen a huge amount since.


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I’m also interested to see how people solve this problem. In general, I can’t find a good guide out there on how to let my users implement their own Google Analytics on pages that they create on my Bubble app. I would pay for such a guide.