Giant table with horizontal scrolling

Good morning guys! Guys, I’m building a project where I have to create a super table with approximately 30 columns (all 30 columns have to be displayed), but I’m having difficulty making this fit into my application. I would like to create a super table in which theoretically its width would be considerably greater than the width of my page, thus creating horizontal scrolling. Would anyone have anything in mind to help me?

I was having the same issue, only thing which can rescue in this situation is to use custom css , follow these steps -

  1. drag a html element on page and add this →
.horizontal-scroll {
position: relative;  
overflow-x: auto !important;
  1. install classify plugin
  2. wrap a table inside a group
  3. In group’s ID attribute add this - > {addClass : “horizontal-scroll”}
  4. Make Group maximum width to your desired size for eg. 1100
  5. Make sure table minimum width is sufficient for clear visibility of columns, for example, 2500 or 3000.

you should have now horizontal scrollable table

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