Give data item an ID

I would like it so that when a user creates a data item in this case a “Patient Report Form” it gives that PRF (Patient Report Form) an ID similar to this format.

The first PRF will have the ID “0001”, the second will have the ID “0002” etc

How can this be achieved?

When the invoice is generated and is defined in the data just add a group and the content inside the group would be ‘Converted to list: count’

Little confused, what do you mean a group?

Could you explain that in a step by step process?


You can use a text field and use two dynamic value’s next to eachother. Just like how you would write it.

  1. Get a group
  2. set the data type to PRF for example
  3. add text element and set the dynamic value to Converted to list: count

Hopefully that should help. :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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image Don’t know if this is right, I put it in a repeating group.

It is giving the same number to every single PRF

@burnsadam123 Do you think you could help?

Hey @cliffwoodjames,

Sorry for the delay in response I quickly made something in the editor, is this what you are after?

Ah, no I mean so that each “invoice” has it’s own ID.


Check the updated editor it will reflect what you have shown on that picture.

You could also generate a random string (This is a messy but easy enough to do) I will add that to the group.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

No problem good luck with your app.

I have also included a way to generate the Invoices via that editor page, check it if you need some more help on generating the pages.

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