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Hi! I have a problem that I can’t solve, maybe it’s easy for you.
I have a database where a field 1 to 5: Field 1 name, field 2 numberA, field 3 numberB(input Z), field 4 number C(field 2-field3), field 5 number D (field 4*3).
When entering the data, fields 1 and 2 can be completed, even though the formulas are available. About 500 records are completed.
Then the input Z is known
Then you have to modify the entire database, so that fields 3, 4, and 5 can be correct. How can I modify the fields having the formulas, and not have to enter one by one. Field 3 is easy modify list of things, but field 4 and 5 because each one are different, I can not find the way. Thanks a lot, regards!

If you have to modify everything, do you really need to register this field 4 and 5? Wouldn’t it be better to just add the calculation in your texts whenever you need it?

Why do you need those?

Thanks for answering! YES, I need to change fields 4 and 5 of all 500 records.

So if you have a paid plan, you can schedule an API workflow to make changes on this list…

Or, if this is just a one time event, you could make changes on a list, I advise you to separate by lots of 100 items each time

Thanks I couldn´t change a list because every record has different value (because of the formula)

Yes, you can… It’s possible to link the Field 4 = This “data”'s field 2 - This data’s field 3

Thanks again! It is possible one by one, I should do 500 times

You can do it with “Change a list of things”
Don’t do it 500 times… It’s crazy haha

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