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Google Analytics UserID not working... help

Hello Bubblers,

I am trying to identify logged users in my Google Analytics. I´m Using Google Tag Manager in HTML Header, but it´s not working…

I made a data layer and created a login event, the function login in data layer is working at GTM, but UserID still not working and I don´t know why…

What am I doing wrong?

Try instead to put the <script… code here - found within settings (not at the page level)

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But how to edit function “Current user’s user_unique_code” to the “SEO/metatags”?

Not quite sure what you mean? Do you mean how to invoke the gtag.js javascript function to set the userid? If you do, you probably want that in an on-page load workflow, or on login workflow.

Full disclosure - I created a commercial plugin to deal with all this fiddly google javascript stuff.

You could look at that and the videos if you wanted to figure out how to do in with javascript. There is a part explaining how to set the GA4 userid with the Bubble User Unique Id. Or buy my plugin :slight_smile:

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