Google Map no longer working now that I set my domain name

Hello all,
This is probably trivial but I did not find my answer in the Forum.
I launched to Live and set my custom domain name. Now, the google map gives me this, see image.

My domain name is and I added this domain name into my Google API Settings as such:


Dies it work if you remove all website restrictions?

Isn’t that something I should do?

From Google: Unrestricted API keys lead to unauthorized use and quota theft. Restrict API keys to secure your account now.

No, you shouldn’t. Just to check if the problem is really related to domain restrictions. If it won’t work when you remove domain restrctions, that means the poblem is somewhere else.

Just clear it, test it and get it back.

Cleared everything. It did not work. Got is back to restricted.

Then it’s something dfferent. Is there anything related in browser console?
Like this, for example:

Seems that you have redirections to www.
Try adding* to site restrctions.

This is what I see in the console.


Did you try my next reply? Should work.

Trying that now.

Just give google couple of minutes to update.

It woorkkkks!!! Thank Vladimir!

Glad to read, you’re welcome!

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