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Google map : remove premade locations


I’m using the classic google map tool from Bubble and would remove the locations and their popups add’ed by Google.

Screen of the use case I want to solve :

I created a new Map Style on Google’s API side but I do not succeed to remove the locations / add it on my bubble map.

Did anoyne already faced this issue / have any idea ?

Thanks !


Thanks for your post! Would it be possible to email us at [email protected] with a link to the app in question and some more details about what you have set up so far? Happy to take a closer look.

This is unfortunately not possible to disable when using the Bubble native integration with the Google API, as we don’t currently expose the option to turn these off. While you can set up your markers, because Google is servicing the map, the preset locations and popups are not within control there.

In order to get around this, we do recommend setting up either a custom integration with Google Maps or a custom integration with Apple maps.

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