Google maps address entry, but have it break the street number, address etc into individual fields?

I like how I can use the address data type on an input field and have it look up addresses that way. Is it possible directly or via a plugin though to then have it save that data but as individual fields? So for example if I type in an address and it finds:
123 Test Ave Toronto ON M4K 3K3
instead of having it save that as just 1 text box, have it do multiple fields like:
Street Number: 123
Street Name: Test
Street Type: Ave
City: Toronto
Province: ON
Postal Code: M4K 3K3


Hi @lmoreau,

You can get all the individual fields by using the :extract modifier on an input set to address:

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Ken Truesdale


Thank you!!!

This is useful but how can I extract street #, street, and make sure they are directly next to each other with no extra spaces? I can’t seem to add more than one thing into the Appearance.


@ryan16 Try clicking outside the text area such as here:

I have done this in the UK, none of the attributes selected seem to pick up the proper City. I live in a town that is part of a city yet the City attribute picks up the small town. Yet if I look in the inspector, I can see the town and the City in the address !

Anybody had a similar issue?