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Google Maps changing what its centering on when caption changes

I’m using google maps which displays a list of things. Captions for the markers are based off of data for each of the things in the list (client name, description, scheduled start time etc.) In the ui on the left side there is a repeating group which displays all of the things. When you click on one of the things in the ui portion the map re-centers to the address of the thing (based off of workflow events) and you get a pop up with tasks to complete for that thing .

The problem… when you update data for the thing the map centering moves (haven’t figured out the pattern as to where the map is going … but the point being the marker for the item you’re working on is no-longer centered and usually not visible). I’ve removed the expression for the caption and the map stops moving when updating the thing… narrowing down the problem to the captioning. I’ve confirmed that none of the data that’s being updated through the ui is whats showing in the captions. Any ideas and/or please help :slight_smile:

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