Google Maps Extended - route and points around it

Hi, I’m using the Google Maps Extended plugin. After entering address A and address B, I draw the route between these points. It’s OK. **Can I somehow put other points around this route (at some distance)? ** The points are not part of the route, they are some information points around the route. I have the points simulated in the API. It simulates through Example data:
“createdAt”: “2023-11-12T16:26:21.084Z”,
“street”: “Dvorská 61”,
“city”: “Bohumín”,
“lat”: “49.681997264223654”,
“log”: “18.342228565432986”,
“stat”: “Czech Republic”,
“zipcode”: “73581”,
“id_vlastnik”: {},
“position2”: “49.91795778447382, 18.354897796893738”,
“id”: “1”
“createdAt”: “2023-11-12T00:29:08.290Z”,
“street”: “Malý Koloredov 1447”,
“city”: “Frýdek-Místek”,
“lat”: “49.917975054752446”,
“log”: “18.35488975021533”,
“stat”: “Czech Republic”,
“zipcode”: “73801”,
“id_vlastnik”: {},
“position2”: “49.681997264223654, 18.342228565432986”,
“id”: “2”

And settings in

Thank you.

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