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Google Oauth - Get access to users' Google My Business


I need to have access to my users’ Google My Business so they can:

  1. Post/schedule posts from my app.
  2. So I can GET their reviews.
  3. Post answers from within my app to the reviews they receive .

Does anyone know how to set this up? Thanks in advance!

Anyone that could guide me in the right direction/has this done before? :slight_smile:

Are you getting the access token back yet for your users?

I’m not there yet, all I have done so far is created an account a while back with the API credits for Maps I believe. Now I need to create a Google login so users can login with their work email. So I can show reviews in their dashboard, which they can answer from within the dashboard. And maybe also the possibilty to post Google Posts.

I’m just wondering which API’s I need for this/which scopes to enable within the Google Developer Console.

Read the docs, man. it’s a multi step process! They’ll tell you exactly which you need and you’ll learn a lot too. That’s more of a google than bubble question. The gmb api is big! Good luck!

If you ever want it set up in a custom built plugin for you, send me a DM!


Awesome, if I can’t figure it out myself, I will contact for the custom plugin. :slight_smile:

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