Google OAuth plug in vs API connector and return URL issue

Hi, I’ve seen a few threads on this but dont think my question is a repeat. If I understand what has been done re: OAuth, then there is are 2 options in Bubble:

  1. The ‘Google’ plug in where you only need add app ID and secret and it works straight away

  2. You use the bubble API to create the set up, but then you need to get sort out access token, refresh token and initialise before use and all that more complex stuff

My issue is that I have used 1) and it works fine, other than you cannot specify the return page, so the user is sent back to the original log in / sign up page until the workflow then performs the redirect. You can tick a box for a generic page for redirect, presumably you must then create a page there with some conditions to perform on load to send the user to the right place for the right state?

Would it be possible to tweak the ‘Google’ plug in so that its not just a tick box return page, but you can set what it is? Or should I just create that page myself and deal with it?

Or am I missing something? Thanks, Neil

The first is for accessing your ‘own’ Google stuff via a service account.

The second is via an OAUTH2 process to allow you to do this on behalf of others.

You could probably specify the first one using a URL redirect which would allow you to do a redirect.

Thanks Nigel, makes sense