Google Places API not accepting KEY

I am trying to use the google places plugin provided by bubble.

I am entering the api keys I have for my google account. These api keys are working properly in the bubble general settings tab.

I have the places api set up in my google cloud console.

When I load the page I get this error message in the debugger

Any idea of what I am doing wrong with trying to set this up? Am I supposed to have a separate key specifically for the places API?

Right now I have all five of the API keys on the same two keys as instructed by bubble through their documentation on how to set up google api keys.

There are issues when trying to use an API more designed for server side actions in the front end.

You can’t set URL based restrictions on this, but you can use IP address … which we don’t know.

Bubble have not been particularly clear about this in past …

So remove the referrer restriction and it should be ok.

Seems currently as well. Just went through an issue with timezone id not getting saved to database, which brought up an issue with google splitting the timezone api off onto its own and needed to add that to the previous list of 4 APIs to make a total of 5.

Now with the setup as described in the documentation they linked with referrer restrictions, I still can’t save timezone id to database and can’t save geographic addresses now either.

Reading through the thread you linked it seems like the culprit is the security of having referring restrictions to avoid others possibly using the api key.

So in the end, is the choice to either give up the protection of the referrer restrictions or not use the google api for timezone data and geographic addresses?

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