Google places - Next page token

Hi guys

How do you use the “Next page token”?
I setup the API but i cannot get more than 20 results

Link to app:
Link to editor:


Anybody has tried this before?

Yes, but it is a little tricky. I haven’t used any of the plugins, I just use the API Connector.

The issue is that you need two API calls, one for the first call, and one to do the Key + pagetoken one. And that means you can’t just send then 2nd APIs data to the repeating group as it is a different type (even though the fields are exactly the same).

So you save the page token and then when you want to do “next” you do another call. I have used a hidden input field to save the token.

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Hi Nigel
thank you so much for your answer
For some reason i get this:

Link to editor: testyyo | Bubble Editor

Oddly it is working fine for me !

Hi Nigel

I have managed to do something at the end but still having a small issue, i get new token only 3 times when i click next. Any idea why?


I would think that is because there are no more places to list.

As an alternative, you could use the radar search. More items but less detail.

Hello Nigel, I want to ask if you have any possible solution for this case. How to put together data from multiple API calls (for facebook friends pagination)(as every call has different type) into one repeating group. Thank you.

Did you find a solution? I’m having troubles paginating with xano