Google Search Console and Google Analytics Verification

I need to verify my domain at Google Search Console (GSC) via Google Analytics (GA) method so that I can then go to GA and link it to my GSC. Apparently, it is not enough to have your domain verified with other methods (which I have done). I verified it via the HTML tag and also I was verified automatically since my domain was purchased at google domains. See screen shot below selected in green.

The problem is that I need to use the method via Google Analytics (see below in red) in order to be able to to link my GA with my GSC.

Now for some reason it is not working. As instruced by google, I have added the GA tracking code to the section by putting it on the Page HTML header section of my index / home page on the bubble editor. However, GSC is still not being able to verify. Can sombody help me with this? Could it be because it is not enough to use the GA pluggin in bubble in order to have either the analytics.js or gtag.js on my pages?