Google Sheets copy spreadsheet

Hello everybody,

I suspect this one is difficult:
When a new user registers for my awesome bubble service in Google sheets I want a certain sheet to be automatically duplicated ( it is a pretty nifty spreadsheet). I then want to update it for this user any time he presses a certain button.
Zapier is cool but I do not see functionality there to copy an existing spreadsheet.
Other suggestions? @levon

Hi there,
this plugin can copy sheets

@levon and others of course!

Last week I obtained the Google sheets API, just got around to check it out. Apologies for the simpleton questions: In your guide ( how to setup the Google Service account, after generating the new private key , you state:

You do not say in which program, I do not see a ‘iss’ field anywhere? In Google Cloud Platform the email field has already been automatically populated with that email address.

Then you mention to copy the Private Key in the Plugin settings. Would that be this field?

Thanks for pointing in the right direction!

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Hi Maarten,
from what I see on the screenshot, you installed not the “service” version but the “oauth” version of that plugin :slight_smile:
if you require the service version, you’d need to change the plugin

Oh boy.
Ok. I exactly copied the name from your suggestion above and looked at the icon and came to this choice:


So I guess I should have installed Google sheets & charts?

How can I change the plugin to the right one with out paying $70?

I would suggest to reach out to Bubble and ask them to swap the plugins.

Will do, thanks for the suggestion. Hope this will result in the proper plugin!